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Fruit facts!


Whatever you do, do with passion.


T is for “Temptation.” Do we have to spell it out for you? Never mind, we did.

Listen, sometimes true temptation isn’t pretty. And if that cake doesn’t find its way into your mouth soon, it might even get ugly.



animal crossing birthday cake (by nerdy nummies)


Star Wars Macarons


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Two waffles and some extras is a life hack.


These aren’t life hacks. They’re recipes.

I..I Don’t Know Why I Thought This Would of Worked

So today I was cruising through Yelp, looking up different restaurants and bakeries to see if there was anything new for me to try in this town. During my searching I found Macaroons by Florian.

Needless to say I got excited! An actual Macaron shop right here in the Antelope Valley!? No way right! Though something caught my eye about this place. Their choice of spelling for Macaroon did not match the type of Macaron they are selling.

So for some reason I thought “Hey, let me message them and tell them about this simple spelling error. After all they’re just starting out their business and operating out of their home.” 

…I know, thinking back now I realize reaching out to people over the internet over something like this has a 99% chance of completely backfiring. But did I think of that when I clicked send? Nope. But just bare with me folks for the sake of the story.

After a few hours I get this as a reply:

I appreciate you reaching out to me for that, but I did looked into it before naming it and macaroon is the right English spelling for macaron which is a French word. True they are different cookies but since also the spelling sounds like how you say it, and it’s easier on the tongue , and not sound like I talk in French, I chose to stick to that version which is correct by dictionary:-) tometo tomato:-) regardless they are delicious:-)


I’m not even going to reply. I learned the error of my ways from just reaching out. But still, this reply just makes me cringe. First off they are not pronounced the same way. 

And second off the reasoning they have is the same as saying something along the lines of “Well I know it’s called a Taco in Spanish, but I decided to call it a hamburger. They both use meat and tomatoes. But Hamburger is easier to say.” 

I know. This is kind of a dumb thing to get worked up over. But after working at Bottega for so long and getting criticized for pronouncing Macaron wrong, I know I’ve done my fair share of research. And just to be told “Nope, you’re wrong.” Just kind of rubs me the wrong way.

I honestly wanted to be able to jump for joy at the fact that the AV was gaining more bakeries and delicate desserts. Even if Macarons may just be a phase of popular desserts it was awesome thinking that maybe that popularity was reaching out towards this dusty little land in the middle of nowhere. But just seeing this display…it makes me not want to even go there. I feel like they don’t have any passion for what they’re doing now because they didn’t really take the time to do the proper research and get a good understanding. I can’t help but think it’s just another eatery out here in it for the money instead of the product. 


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